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Latest News:

October 13, 2009  Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter ( ) announces a seed grant of $200 to Campaign for Sustainable Economics, which is not necessarily an endorsement of this organization, the “Position on Economic Growth” or the steady-state economy.

October 13, 2009 Political scientist Elinor Ostrom of Indiana University is named co-winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics. This is crowning recognition of the importance of collective management of natural resources in economics, not leaving things up to the market to resolve.

July 2009 The Winding Waters Group of the Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter

( ) becomes the first Sierra Club unit to endorse the “Position on Economic Growth” 

June 24, 2009  Heartwood Forest Council ( ) endorses the “Position on Economic Growth” 

June 2009 Indiana Forest Alliance ( ) endorses the “Position on Economic Growth”

June 2009 Kentucky Heartwood ( ) endorses the “Position on Economic Growth” 


We are open to collaborating with individuals and organizations on suitable science and education projects.

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